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Pokho School ERP


  1. Syllabus Management
  2. Class Time Table
  3. Assignment
  4. Admission
  5. Transport
  6. Library
  7. Attendance
  8. Exam Management
  9. Fee Management
  10. SMS
  11. Documents
  12. Results
  13. Dues Reports and many more
  14. Promotion
  15. Hostel
  16. Child Location
Online Study

Courses & Quiz

  1. Manage Courses
  2. Manage Questions
  3. Online Quiz
  4. Online Test Series
Mobile Apps

Teacher Attendance with mobile

  1. Online Quiz App
  2. School App
  3. Driver App for child tracking
  4. RealEstate App

Product Overview

Zedvi is a comprehensive product based company to help transform your business in paperless.
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School ERP


Document Management System

School Mobile App

Parent Mobile Dashboard


What We Do?

Zedvi Technologies is a leading software service company. Zedvi provides comprehensive Pokho (school erp solutions) which has enriched features like sms alert,academic,student admission,data search, teacher biometric attendance,mobile attendance,user biometric attendance, staff salary,fees management,fees alert,Mobile Parent's app etc helping businesses in smoother transition.Also we deliver inventory and accounting software solution to optimize businesses.Also we deal in online course management system, in that you can manage course, question, online test and quiz easly handle remotely at one click button.

Our Partners

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New Delhi


Faridabad Haryana

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Sunrise Academy

Kariyatpur Hazaribag

Modern Boarding School

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Unique Progressive High School

Tarwan Jainagar

Sanskar International School

Lohasikar Koderma

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